Directed Study Application Form

This form should be submitted during pre-registration. The deadline for submission is the end of the drop/add period.

Minimum requirements: Junior Standing and 3.0 cumulative GPA.

NOTE: Directed Studies cannot exceed a total of 8 credit hours towards the BA/BS degree.

The CR/NC grading option cannot be applied to directed studies.


Directed Study Information

Will the proposed project replace a degree requirement?*
The traditional outcome of a directed study is a series of required readings and a research paper on the subject in question. A minimum of 10 written pages per credit of directed study is required. The equivalent work per credit is required for projects whose direct outcome is not one written paper. A student is also required to meet with his or her project sponsor regularly throughout the semester in question. Please indicate the expected outcome of the directed study. Research paper, creative project, etc.
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Project Sponsor Approval

I have agreed to sponsor this student's Directed Study:*
Please indicate your method for evaluation and grading criteria of the project and any other comments. Please indicate the rationale for the project and why the learning outcomes cannot be achieved through a standardly thought course. Be certain to indicate the frequency you expect to meet with the student.

Advisor Approval

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