Petition to Audit Course

Rules for Audit 

* During the drop/add period in spring and fall semesters, a full-time student may petition to audit one course, free of charge 

* Part time students (those that are taking less than 12 credits in a semester) will be charged a fee to audit a course.

* Be aware that audit tuition fees do apply for the summer semester.  

* An audit is permitted only on a space-available basis and with the professor's approval.   

* Once a course has been registered as an audit, the option cannot be revoked. 

* A student may not petition to audit a course for which they are already registered. 

* Undergraduates may not audit graduate courses or modules. 

* Complete the below form and return to the Registrar’s Office by the end of Drop/Add Week. 

* If approved, the course will be registered and a grade of “AU” will be designated for the course. Students should 

check their courses on the Student Portal the day after drop/add week has ended to see if their audit has been approved. 

Student Information

For example,

Audit Course Information

Instructor Approval

Instructor Approval *

Registrar Approval

Course was added to the student's registration on:
Course was added by:
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